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Residential Cleaning:

We all recognize the benefits of a clean home. You feel comfortable when guests arrive unexpectedly, less stress due to worrying about household cleanliness, plus, studies show that people who operate in tidy, well-kept spaces are more productive—who enjoys working in a messy home?


At Capital Cleaning, we offer two great residential cleaning options for people in the Boise area. Our first option is a one-time deep clean, perfect when moving in or out of a house, also popular with property managers. The second option is regular cleaning based on your schedule, which minimizes the spread of germs, eliminates household odors, and reduces pests and allergens.


Our philosophy is simple: we give you 100% satisfaction every time we clean. Letting us take care of your household cleaning needs means all the benefits of a spotless home with more time for you to relax and carry on with your life. We perform thorough background checks and training processes, so you can rest easy knowing that your home is in highly-skilled, professional hands. We carry top-of-the-line cleaning products and equipment, and our customer service is five-star rated. As a value add to customers, we use special, professional-level carpet and upholstery vacuums to make sure your floors and furniture are spotless. 


Because of the variety of services we offer, we customize our residential cleaning to each client’s individual needs. We work with everyone from realtors and property managers, to individuals who value a tidy living space or who may be unable to do it themselves.


What should I expect?

We are guests in your home, and we want you to be completely comfortable with allowing us into your household. Before any work is started, we’ll chat about the areas you would like us to focus on and answer any questions about our products and procedures. We can use our own cleaning supplies at no extra cost, or, if you prefer, we’re happy to use yours.


With our one-time cleaning service, we make sure everything is spotless from floor to ceiling, corner to corner. We are also happy to schedule regular cleanings on a weekly, monthly, or annual basis—it’s all customized to you.



We are happy to clean while you are home or out doing other things, whatever is easiest and most comfortable for you. Depending on which services are performed and the size of your home, it can take anywhere from 3-8 hours to ensure a thorough clean. Often times with routine cleaning, we work with you to determine a cleaning rotation to ensure all areas are addressed while keeping your costs at a minimum.


Do I need to do anything ahead of time?

The best thing to do is walk through your home and decide which areas you would like us to focus on. Also consider the frequency that you would like areas done so we can tailor our cleaning to what makes sense for your household. If you’ll be out of the house at the time of cleaning, remember we’ll need easy access to all areas expecting a clean. If you have pets, please remove them from the spaces in which we’ll be working.
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