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Save your money - you will forget there was even a problem and be glad you didn’t spend the money to replace your flooring.

Our Quality Process:
  • Re-stretch back to tight fit (no more ripples)
  • Repair holes, burns, tears, and seams
  • Remove permanent stains
  • Replace worn or stained padding
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Carpet Repair:

Sometimes your carpet may need a little more than just a cleaning. Damaged carpet is unsightly, and carpet that is buckling, ripping or pulling apart is usually the result of an improper install, heavy furniture moving, pets, or water damage.

The good news is our carpet repair technicians have the knowledge, tools, and skills to repair most carpet issues that come up. We can re-stretch your carpet back to a tight fit; repair holes, burns, tears, seams and permanent stains; as well as replace worn or stained padding.

Carpet repair saves you money and prevents the hassle and cost of having new carpet installed.

What should I expect?

Before any work is started, we do a pre-inspection where we walk through the home or office asking what areas you are hoping to repair, and if there are any questions before we begin the process of carpet repair.

If a carpet patch is needed, and carpet remnant is not available, we can remove a piece from a hidden closet area and replace it with something similar. And voila! You wouldn’t even know you had damage.

After the repairs is complete, you can walk on the carpet as normal.

Do I need to do anything ahead of time?

We ask that you move all small items from the floor. If you an unsure of items to move, give us a call and we can help. If you have pets, please remove them from the rooms to be repaired.

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