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Why Capital Cleaning?

We aren’t just a “take the trash out” kind of service. You want your workplace to be welcoming, clean,
and healthy - we like to reduce your employee complaints and wow your customers for you.

Our Quality Process

  • Janitorial Services
    • Daily, weekly or bi-monthly we can create the plan that works best for you and your company
    • We complete the deep cleaning necessary to maintain your building, no cutting corners
  • Professional Floor Care
    • Stripping and Waxing, buffing, hot-water extraction of all flooring types is our specialty
  • Exposed Ceiling Ducts and Piping
    • Take a look up...the industrial look is on trend, but are you keeping it clean? We specialize in dust, dirt, and cobweb removal in high up places
  • Other Special Projects - We have the equipment and skills to tackle most jobs, just ask.
  • We are available 24 hours, seven days a week


Contact us for a free in-person estimate, and together we’ll determine which cleaning services are right for you and your workplace

Commercial Cleaning Services

Whether it’s an office, a retail store, a warehouse, or especially, a healthcare facility, appearance is everything. It is important to find a cleaning company with the knowledge and skills to properly clean, sanitize, and maintain your building over time to save you money.

At Capital Cleaning, we focus on building a long-term maintenance plan with our clients. It isn’t just about taking the trash out and wiping things down, it is much more than that. Maintenance involves using products that keep your plumbing clean, prevents corrosion or staining, reduces debris from entering the building which leads to quicker wear and tear on your floors and setting a schedule that follows a deep cleaning rotation.

Capital Cleaning has adopted the PDIR model published from Windsor Karcher Group. PDIR stands for a Prevention, Daily, Interim, and Restorative process. It is a process designed to allocate your budget to maintain your facility and reduce your long-term costs. Staying proactive with your cleaning will prolong the life of your building’s amenities and flooring, and will ensure a clean and welcoming workplace.
We also understand the importance of maintaining a sanitary work environment. Workers and customers carry all sorts of germs and bacteria from home to work, making the average workplace a melting pot for microbial life. As a result, colds and flu bugs are passed along creating an unhealthy environment and additional sick days for workers.  And sick days aren’t just inconvenient; they’re expensive, costing businesses billions of dollars each year and resulting in a dramatic loss of productivity.

For your workplace to be as safe, productive, and professional as it can be, we offer the following Boise commercial cleaning services to make sure we get the job done:

•    Janitorial Services – Daily or weekly cleaning. We do not only dust surfaces, but disinfect surfaces, door knobs, doors, bathrooms, and any other areas that get heavy traffic to reduce the spread of germs and illnesses. Our cleaning routine also involves a deep-cleaning rotation to ensure all areas remain clean each month.
•    Professional Floor Care – Stripping and waxing, buffing, and hot-water extraction of all flooring types is our specialty. Professional floor cleaning using top-of-the-line equipment and tools will keep your floors looking new, keep your space free of allergens and dust, and beat back pests such as ants and mites.
•    Air Duct Cleaning – Reduce allergens and dust in the air by cleaning your air ducts every few years. Your workers will thank you!
•    Other Special Projects – We have the equipment and skills to tackle most jobs, just ask.

What should I expect?

Our commercial cleaning service is a one-stop shop for everything. We specialize in cleaning all types of flooring – carpet, tile, laminate, and wood to name a few, and we carry a variety of products and equipment to tackle even the toughest of jobs. Our technicians are highly trained and our customer service is five-star rated.

As an added bonus to our clients, we use our state-of-the-art upholstery cleaner on furniture, ensuring every piece looks like new.

Because of our many areas of expertise, we approach our commercial cleaning on a case-by-case basis and customize our services for each individual client. We’ll work around your business’ schedule—we’re available 24 hours, seven days a week, so late nights and weekends are fine by us.

Clients can schedule regular weekly, monthly, bi-annual, or annual cleanings.  We’re also happy to provide other services as needed.

Do I need to do anything ahead of time?

Contact us for a free estimate, and together we’ll determine which cleaning services are right for you and your Boise or Treasure Valley workplace.

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