Post Construction Cleaning Boise (Commercial, Residential)

Let’s face it, it’s a dirty job, but someone has to clean it up! Construction projects get messy – dust, dirt, grime, stickers on surfaces, debris left behind, you name it.

Get a top-to-bottom cleanup of your commercial building or newly renovated home.  This means wiping and polishing all items, disinfecting bathrooms and surfaces, making your mirrors and windows clear and shiny, and making your project finally come to a beautiful completion…that’s our favorite part.


What Should I Expect?

We have top of the line products and equipment to get the job done right and prepare your home or business for an easy transition from construction zone to a comfortable working and living environment. 

In our experience, post construction jobs are complex and involve many groups to get the job done.  This is not a problem for us - we have constant communication with our customers and understand the process. You can expect flexibility and professionalism from our crew from start to finish.

Often times it is good to clean in stages – the first stage is the initial clean to remove debris and spills, perform an initial wipe down of surfaces, and vacuum out the layers of dust. The second stage is the deep clean to remove dust inside and under items, clean bathrooms, sanitize and polish all surfaces, and clean windows. Lastly, you may want a final clean once everything is in place and settled.

However, every project is unique and we will work within your budget and timeline to get the job done in the most efficient and cost effective way.


What is a Full-Service Cleaning Company?

Capital Cleaning strives to be a one-stop-shop for our customers. Post construction cleaning is a first step, and it is a great time for building owners and tenants to connect with a cleaning company for their long-term cleaning services. Check out our list of services on our website to learn more. We would love to partner with you for all of your cleaning needs!

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